Monday, 22 September 2014

A late hello!

There are different types of people, the shy people, the extroverts, the loud, the quiet, the popular, the infamous, and then there's me. As long as I can think back, I have always used the word "hello" and a smile, and then walked off , for I would not know what else to say.

It's a strange word, "hello" , if you ask me. It's been my saviour since forever. Don't get me wrong, I love talking, and making friends, and I usually have a lot of things to talk about once you start talking to me, but I get handicapped after the small "hello". I never understood how people would walk up to a crowd and mingle in it looks they've belonged there forever, while I sometimes stand silently among my own friends,not knowing how to start talking . I've spent many Sunday evenings reading those sappy books which claim to teach you how to be a pro at conversations,  but to no avail. "Everything cannot be learnt from books ," my sister would tell me and ask me to go and talk to people.

I know what you're thinking right now : I don't look a shy or introvert, and I am often seen talking and laughing and even singing loudly and whistling in public ; but trust me,  I don't know what to say after I give you my toothy grin and bright hello - I never have!  I haven't been lonely, because someone or the other would find me and be friends with me and it wouldn't be upto me to say something after hello. The Universe has taken care of me all these years; and I am grateful for that. But then, what about the people I decide to talk to, but I can't, because I don't know what to say after "hello" ?

For all those people I haven't been able to talk to, here I write this entire blog post to say "HELLO" to you,and ask you how you're doing ( Is it normal to ask that?  :o  ).  Whether you're my seniors or juniors from school or at college,  or fellow hostellites or long lost old friends, or any random people I know ; I believe I have explained my awkward gaps and why a lot of you are just acquaintances even after all this time. And I find no better way to end this post than a heartfelt and loving HELLO.  :D

(I count on you to continue, starting by reviewing this post. )

Sunday, 8 June 2014

One down, two to go! ;)

One year ago,  I packed my bags,  dreams and hopes,  and came to Ahmedabad to study Economics at St. Xaviers. Oh wait,  it wasn't me. One year can do anything to a person. 

First and the most obvious change in me is that I started paying attention to my appearance. Dressing up,  clicking photos - a lot less than most 20 year olds,  but the fact that it crept in my life is  astonishing enough. The geek in me never died,  but life is now filled with a lot more things apart from that. 

I learnt how to loose alone - if I don't do my laundry or dishes,  or if I misplace my favorite pair of jeans,  there's no one standing behind me to take care of those things. If I mess up,  I am 100% responsible for it. ( This somehow never sinks in untill you're away from home )

I had my fair share of betrayals of course,  but I wouldn't exchange it for the wonderful people I have in my life now. Xaviers is the place I was meant to be,  here are the people I had to meet,  and lessons which had to be learnt. It's been a year of too many "firsts" , most of which I can't put down here. For the first time in life,  I felt it is TOTALLY okay to be myself. 

Alliance Francaise has been another wonderful place to be in,  and it has been as much a part of my life as Xaviers. So many new people,  new experiences,  new artist forms,  new genres of music,  new professions,  a LOT of French and a little Spanish. (I am quatrilingual now. 8) )

When homesickness stung me hard,  people to love me so much that it brought tears to my eyes. I experienced ironic joy in the hours after being locked away in the Hostel at 7 pm. ( Yeah 7 PM )   . A PG with all its freedom and comforts could not give me what a rigid Hostel did. 

For a young girl from Rajkot ( not Mumbai :P ) , the city infused life in me. I know myself better,  the world ( a little) better, and uncertainty of future doesn't make me worry any more. 

Witnessing things and people I never imagined existed,  a Heer I didn't know lived inside me,  I am overwhelmed with emotions as I write this. Leaving behind my home,  my people,  my old life suddenly doesn't seem that huge a price to pay in return for the wonderful year here. A huge thanks to a lot of wonderful people!  ❤