Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Foe Turned Friend

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. He was a snobby, sarcastic new-comer. I was the popular, well-established class monitor. The year was 2009, and we hated each other from the time we set eyes on each other. At least I did. Suddenly all my girlfriends were talking about how nice he looked, and how he was very secretive and how he had a strong, masculine voice that naturally made them swoon! But he didn't speak much, he would just sit all day and this went on for the entire first week, observing everything, getting acquainted to things around. The teachers also seemed to be a part of this. They all wanted to know how he did in his previous school and were constantly checking on his comfort at the present school. I felt agitated and was pissed off. After all, I was supposed to be in the limelight! How could a new-comer take my place? And how dare he was aware of the answers to the questions which I was not aware of? So I was very conflicted and I was revolting to the entire going-on internally. I fought his very presence, acting as if he didn't exist, and when I did acknowledge his presence, it was with a tight-lipped smile and an indifference. I wouldn't hear what my friend's had to say about him, though I would end up listening to bits of gossip about him . It is through them that I gradually learnt things about him! In turned out out we were extremely similar in many regards, the things we liked, we'd apparantely been to the same school, and we lived in the same locality, and we just didn't know each other up until now. A game of fate? Maybe. Also, we also ended up travelling to the school by the same bus. Another revolting two hours where I had to bear his much celebrated presence around me. But something happened, and I still don't think I understand what it was. One fine day, unexpectedly, he asked for a pen during one of the periods, and I ended up asked him for his book in the one of the others. We started talking with each other. And the rest is history!  The human mind is the most incomprehensible and unreasonable thing at times.We hate and love people for no reasons, and, sadly, also judge people without thinking twice. 

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