Wednesday, 18 February 2015

In memory of the forever spent..

Three weeks ago, I stood clad in heavy clothes and threw rose petals on the couple as they made the last circle around the holy fire. The bride, as most of you know was my elder sister,Nidhi. This post is a feeble attempt to put in a few words what we share.

It takes having an elder sister to know how its like to have one. She is a blessing beyond all others. That "story-pick" article making rounds on the internet lists only some of the advantages of having an elder sibling.

As far back as I can think, we have spent a lot of time doing nothing and everything. From timing our medical check-ups to having oranges while watching T.V. each evening. We've spent innumerable shopping hours on the streets , and while we were still younger, sat upside down to see how an upturned face looks. Crazy stuff, yes, I know. But you're bound to do that when you've spent forever with someone. All those times when Mom would go out leaving me to her care, we spent the simplest and most innocent days of our lives. No, we still fought for the TV remote and the first chocolate cookie in packet, and she often made up stories to fool me (few of which, by the way, took years to come into light), but those are traditions, aren't they?

Few years back, she left home to go to college. While I was too proud to cry, I missed her terribly. And when she would come home on weekends or holidays, I would  bunk school and sit with her all day, eating the delicacies prepared for her and trying on all the new clothes she'd bought for herself and me, and filling her up on the latest gossip into the wee hours of the morning. But every time she would go back, I felt dreadful and alone. Even after she had been away for a couple of years, I never learnt how to say goodbye.

She has been my biggest support during all the lows. She is my ultimate go-to person , whether I am exhilarated or depressed.  

How did I feel when she was getting married? I don't think I can put it into words. Between the mountain of work that needed personal attention, I didn't really feel it sink in. I was just too busy being the second most important person in the household. I am told that I made quite a sight, running around on the day of wedding, holding my lehenga , having disowned my heels so that I could literally run. :P  And oh, of course, making sure her hair and make up was fine. But trust me, it was the most exquisite feeling as she took the pheras.

I gloated with pride as I saw her sitting in the mandap, wishing her a forever of happiness! <3